• In Memoriam:
    Tigger Deegan (2000-2016)

  • Tigger Deegan's Story

  • How we met

    I met My Little Angel sent from Heave, who I named Tigger, after work one day in December when I went to pick him up. I had to buy him because I lived in an apartment and couldn’t adopt a furbaby because they weren’t allowed. When I called to buy him, the woman said to me, “you don’t even know what he looks like” and I said I didn’t care, HE WAS MY ANGEL BOY and I left work early to pick him up.

  • What Tigger Deegan liked.

    Tigger LOVED EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE!!  He was the Best Little Boy ever!!!  He was not your “typical” Jack Russell Terrier, he would “hunt” but wouldn’t hurt a fly, unless someone or something meant harm to his mommy or sisters.  Tigger absolutely loved to go on long runs/walks with his mommy and sister, Phoebe!! Tigger LOVED to play ball and raise critters and other furbabies. There wasn’t anything this little boy didn’t like as long as it involved his family. Tigger was a very special BOY!

  • Tigger Deegan's legacy.

    Tigger raised his sister, Phoebe and has definitely been through hell and back. Tigger helped his mommy get through a crap ton of stuff!  Tigger was always happy and always had a smile on his little precious face. Tigger was just A LOVE, Tigger was and always will be MY HEART AND SOUL!!!!!  Tigger was an amazing Angel, he went through so much in his short, little life and never complain or howled. Tigger definitely saved my life!!!!

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    You gave me Tigger’s footprint and cremated him.

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