• In Memoriam:
    Stanley (2006-2020)

  • Stanley's Story

  • How we met

    We got Stanley when he was 8 weeks old in 2006.  He would be the first pet that we would raise.  He came with some challenges that kept us on our toes, but we truly enjoyed every minute.

  • What Stanley liked.

    Stanley had a stuffed groundhog that was his favorite. Whenever we would say “where is groundhog?”, he would find the stuffed toy and proudly walk around with it.  He liked laying by the fire, eating “pancakes”, and going swimming.

  • Stanley's legacy.

    We’ll remember Stanley whenever we make homemade ice cream. He liked to lick the beaters and our bowls. He loved chasing butterflies.  He was always at the door or window waiting for his humans to get home. We will miss him greeting us after a day at work.

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