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    Sabrina (2005-2019)

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  • How we met

    I married my husband, Jason 4/30/05 & several months later decided to get a dog. We got a referral from a friend & Sat 11/19/05 we traveled a few hours to Barren Hills Beagles in Halifax, PA. We met a litter of puppies born 9/6/05 & while trying to decide which one to get, our sweet girl picked us. We decided to name our adorable 13 inch tri-color beagle Sabrina Beagle Burkle. She was a big part of our family & everyone loved her. She has 2 human brothers, Ethan (6/24/08) & Brandon (12/30/13).

  • What Sabrina liked.

    She loved to steal people food. Somehow she opened a store bought plastic package of 6 mini chocolate cupcakes & ate them all including the wrappers. She went on car rides & loved vacationing with us. Her favorite was camping but she loved visiting Grandma & Pappy. She knew we were almost there, got up, looked out the window, & got excited. We saw the vet Thurs 11/16/19 because she was vomiting & not felling well. They said her kidneys were failing & she had to stay over night to get IV fluids.

  • Sabrina's legacy.

    Then because Jason is a paramedic, the vet aloud her to come home & her IV fluids to be managed at home by Jason. We didn’t leave her side all weekend. We took her to say good bye to family, which included a campfire & a car ride with the window down. Sabrina passed away at home on Mon 5/20/19 at 11:11 am while laying on the air mattress she slept on with us the night before. Jason & I were by her side as she took her last breath & her heart stopped beating. She was loved & had a wonderful life.

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  • How Pet memorial helped us:

    Thanks to our wonderful Vet & Pet Memorial Services for taking care of our baby beagle doggy after she passed. Her urn is beautiful & her name plate is exactly what we wanted. The print of her paw was unexpected & very special! She brought our family so much joy & we made wonderful memories with her. It does provide some comfort having her ashes here in our home with us forever.
    We love & miss you baby girl.
    Sabrina Beagle Burkle
    September 6, 2005-May 20, 2019

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