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    Runyan (2006-2020)

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  • How we met

    We met when your former owner didn’t want you anymore, daddy saw your picture and wanted you. He bought you to the lacrosse field where we were watching a game and it was love at first site. You instantly fit in with us. You were a friend to all. You were so sweet, loving and accepting of anything and everything. You were the absolute best friend anyone could have asked for and we all were so lucky to call you ours. We love you so much Runyan. We will miss you forever our hearts are broken

  • What Runyan liked.

    Runyan loved toys she didn’t really destroy them she gnawed on them at the same spot for what seemed like forever. She loved small toys, like cat toys. She loved when company came over, and she absolutely loved her canine best friend Lovey. She loved to watch people out our window she would stand on the sofa and be so excited. What she lived for every day though was waiting for her daddy to come home, somedays i would let her outside to greet him, somedays she would wait anxiously at the door

  • Runyan's legacy.

    Runyan will be remembered for how loving she was. Her beautiful smile. Her silly whining when you’d get her so excited. The way her little nub of a tail would wiggle so crazily. Her begging continuously for food. Most of all she will be remembered for all of the joy she bought us for over 13 years. So many memories, so many smiles, we can’t thank her enough. Ry Ry, Ry, Ry Ry Nanner Butts so many names but the one her daddy always called her was beautiful. Our hearts are crushed we miss you

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