• In Memoriam:
    Pumpkin (2003-2017)

  • Pumpkin's Story

  • How we met

    Pumpkin found me, the smallest of the litter black and tan. I knew from the start that I would forever be hers. It was Halloween Eve when she was brought home, my tiny best friend by my feet from the first day to the last. My children fell in love with her as she did with them. It was only fitting that we named her pumpkin to celebrate our favorite holiday and now our favorite new friend.

  • What Pumpkin liked.

    Pumpkin loved her mommy and all her brothers and sister. She loved being the BOSS and letting everyone know when it was time to get up and time to go to bed. She loved her panda bear and her stuffed flea that over the years ended up with only one leg. She enjoyed sitting in the warm sunlight no matter how tiny the spot she would find it. Pumpkin loved to be on my lap and sleep right next to me on the pillow every night. Pumpkin also loved her new friend Lucy, who is very lost and sad.

  • Pumpkin's legacy.

    Pumpkins legacy is the love she shared, her undying friendship, her witty personality. She was so loved by her family, she unconditionally gave us so much love in return. Her beautiful face will be missed at the top of my stairs, laying next to me every morning and every night. Her legacy is just her, a reminder of the unconditional love we share and how at any minute that happiness and joy could be gone. Pumpkin is a reminder to love life, every minute of the day with everyone around you.

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    They were very helpful at answering all questions concerning pumpkin and her aftercare.

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