• In Memoriam:
    Phoebe Deegan (2001-2016)

  • Phoebe Deegan's Story

  • How we met

    My Angel Girl and I met in July 2013, a neighbor asked me if I was interested in adopting a little Jack Russell Terrier and I of course said YES, my Angel Boy Sent from Heaven needs a sister, that night Phoebe become MY ANGEL GIRL SENT FROM HEAVEN AND BOO BOO and TIGGER’‘S little sister (and little she was all of her short little live)!

  • What Phoebe Deegan liked.

    Phoebe wasn’t my pet, she was my daughter, my little girl!  Phoebe loved to go for long runs/walks with her brother and mommy.  Phoebe loved to play tug, she LOVED TO HUNT.  There wasn’t anything Phoebe didn’t like as long as she was with her family, Phoebe was a very happy, beautiful, precious angel.

  • Phoebe Deegan's legacy.

    Not really sure how to put Phoebe’s legacy, all I can say is mommy is so sorry for not putting my foot down sooner and not having you suffer the way you did and for so long. A mother knows her children and knows when something is wrong. PHOEBE, YOU WILL ALWAYS AND FOREVER BE IN MY HEART AND SOUL. You’ve been with me through hell and back and I pray these really is a Rainbow Bridge and you are there with Boo Boo and Tigger and you are HAPPY AND SAFE!  I love you ANGEL!!!!

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    You made me 2 paw prints of my Angel Gil and cremated her.

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