• In Memoriam:
    Peppi Reid (2002-2015)

  • Peppi Reid's Story

  • How we met

    We met when I first got him from Callao, VA as a puppy he was only 6 weeks old. He was so small and cuddly and loving. This was my first pet at age twenty something. But this was a nice addition to our family. We all just got use to Peppi and his love.

  • What Peppi Reid liked.

    Peppi loved going outside, being around family, loved being in the kitchen when anyone would cook dinner or was preparing food period. He loved kids and loved being taken for a walk. He loved cuddling under people when they were laying down. He knew what do you want a cookie ment for his dog treats. He was a loving dog. He showed different feelings to each one of us and he knew our names too.

  • Peppi Reid's legacy.

    Peppi was bout in our lives to teach and show us what love was all about. He will be missed because when we came home he always greeted each one of us differently at that door. We won’t be able to walk him, see him or hear him bark anymor. Whenever someone was sick he could tell and he would come and lay under us until we were better. Peppi also loved himself some Will Reid which is my dad, those two were unstoppable. Peppi bout special love to us all and for that we will always miss him dearly.

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  • How Pet memorial helped us:

    Peppi passed away on Wednesday, October 28th @9:30pm beside Will Reid bed, my dad. They picked Peppi up on Monday, November 2nd from Ellicott City, MD Animal Emergency Hospital @7:05am and took him to there location to be cremated in a group. Peppi will be cremated on Monday, November 9th. We miss you Peppi and as I type this know I can’t ever see you again. You will always be in our hearts forever Peppi, until we meet again boy-boy. We love you Peppi. Thanks Pet Memorial Services.

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