• In Memoriam:
    Oscar (2018-2020)

  • Oscar's Story

  • How we met

    Oscar was like my saving grace. I was going through some rough times in my life. My mom, a friend, and i happened to be near a pet store and we went in just for the heck of it. We checked out the hamsters and gerbils because they are the cutest little things. Oscar caught our eyes real quick. We knew we had to have him. It took a lot of convincing with my mom but she finally gave in. Oscar was the most loved hamster and will defiantly be missed!

  • What Oscar liked.

    Oscar loved yogi bites, cuddling, giving kisses, running on his loud wheel at 1 a.m., and being talked too. He always perked his little ears up every time we talked to him. He was a great listener and the best cuddle bug!

  • Oscar's legacy.

    Oscar always found ways to make us laugh. One night he somehow managed to get out and greeted my mom in the bathroom closet at 7 a.m the next morning., mom wasn’t too thrilled! He was always taking naps in his ball while he was supposed to be getting exercise around the house. He managed to squeeze himself under our stove while i was cleaning his cage. One time he began to run on his wheel and i yelled at him and told him not to even start and he got off his wheel like “YES MA’AM!”

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  • How Pet memorial helped us:

    At first we were kinda iffy on what do to with Oscar because he was such a small animal and we knew the smallest animal they’ve done was a rabbit but they still took the time to cremate my baby!

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