• In Memoriam:
    Oreo (2017-2019)

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  • How we met

    Your sisters and I walked into the pet store as something fun to do . As well were there a man came in with you and a few other rabbits it was love at first sight .You stole our hearts . We came back a few days later and you looked so happy to see us again u knew u were meant for us . We took you home and I talk to u the whole way home and when we took u out the box they had u in u knew u were home.

  • What Oreo liked.

    The way he always was there for cuddles anytime I needed him

  • Oreo's legacy.

    Oreo will live in my heart forever . I will wear an infinity heart ring containing his ashes and he will forever be with me.

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    with there amazing bedside manners

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