• In Memoriam:
    MEMPHIS (2007-2020)

  • MEMPHIS's Story

  • How we met

    Leroy, Austin, Dylan and Papa Keyser were visiting a horse farm and a lady working there had a mother lab that just had puppies and Memphis was the last boy out of all the puppies. He was loving & excited to meet the kids, we knew he was the perfect match for the family. We brought him home to surprise Mommy & Presley and the rest is history. He was a perfect match for the Keyser Family.

  • What MEMPHIS liked.

    Memphis loved his bones & sticks, baseballs & grass.
    He followed you everywhere, waited patiently for his milkbones, loved pizza crust, shredded cheese on taco night, loved car rides, sun bathing, his little blue pool, warm showers, posing for pictures, hugs & snuggles, Christmas time, staring out the window, chasing squirrels,birthday ice cream, his love seat, Austin’s room, Papa babysitting, mama’s lap, endless love from Austin, Dylan & Presley

  • MEMPHIS's legacy.

    He was loving & kind since he was a pup, he loved everyone all the time. He loved laying right next to you to make you feel safe. Memphis was amazing with kids of all ages, he let kids play & lay all over him all the time. We were blessed that he was a part of the family for 12 great years! WE MISS HIM DEARLY! We lost more then a dog, we feel like we lost a child, a best friend…A piece of our heart left with you!

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  • How Pet memorial helped us:

    It helped having some place to share the memories of Memphis and where others can write something nice about him! We loved Memphis so much!

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