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    Marley (2012-2019)

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    My parents and i just moved in into our new home, but my mother and I felt like we needed a dog in the home, someone we can all play with, we spent a month begging my father, until one day my mom called me telling me that my father was given a dog to him, the joy i had. when my father arrived home, i saw the cutest puppy i have ever laid my eyes on. the excitement i had when i saw him, that’s when i knew i was going to be the happiest person ever.

  • What Marley liked.

    Marley loves to snore while he sleeps, he enjoyed the thought of being cuddled during nighttime, when it snowed how he loved to dig his body in the snow, or how he loved going to the backyard and sit and enjoy hearing nature.

  • Marley's legacy.

    Although he was a disable dog, he never stopped giving a laugh for my mother and i, we was the loving and messy dog we all love for, we miss him so much till this day, from the first time the vet telling us he wasn’t going to live through his puppy age, he made it to 5 years of his life, he was known as a special dog, and he was the happiest. We love you Marley.

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