• In Memoriam:
    Luke (-2015)

  • Luke's Story

  • How we met

    Luke was given to us through a coworker and my Dad got him as a gift for my two kids at Christmas time and I hide him in my pocket though Billy kept the secret ,Sissy went and said Pop POp mommy has a puppy,so Billy named him Luke after the duke boys cause his Uncle Bill had a Bo.

  • What Luke liked.

    Hanging out with us and laying in the sun getting a sun tan ,chasing after pot holders more then he would a ball.He loved running around Uncle Bobs farm In md.

  • Luke's legacy.

    He was the most loyal dog in the world.he knew when it was us pulling up from work and school.he stayed by our side when we were sick.He always seem to bounce back but this time he closed his eyes forever.He will be remember for so many things like when i would get to my moms and he come running up the long driveway to greet me .i never forget you paw buddie.enjoy your pain free world now .

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