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    Chicky (2007-2021)

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  • How we met

    After getting sober and pulling my life together, I decided to get two cats and went to the local shelter. Chicky was the spitting image of my former cat Whiskers and I knew right away that I had to have him. He was feral and hissing quite a bit but I knew that I could love him and his sister enough to give them both great lives. And so our journey began…

  • What Chicky liked.

    Chicky, whose actual name was Chaconne (after a Bach piece), loved food above everything else.He knew the sound of every cheese and lunchmeat package you could imagine. I would often hoist him up on my shoulder and ferry him around the house like he was on a Disneyland ride. He absolutely loved it!He loved playing with all sorts of cat toys and even played fetch on occasion. Chicky had a running feud with a squirrel outside our front window and couldn’t wait to get the blinds up in the morning.

  • Chicky's legacy.

    Chicky was the heart of our home. Not only was Chicky the most handsome cat you ever saw, he was also the sweetest, most loving cat I have ever known. He loved interacting with Deborah and me. He sat on a chair next to Deb all day while she worked. He really brought out the best in all of us. We love you so much Chicky and miss you immensely. You lived in love and leave a legacy of love behind…in us.

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    This memorial has been very cathartic. Thank you

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