• In Memoriam:
    Cashew (2020-2020)

  • Cashew's Story

  • How we met

    This past May, the day before Mother’s Day, Cashew attached himself to my husband who was NOT a cat lover. I’d been lobbying to get a kitten and met with months of resistance.  It was a chilly day and Cashew climbed up under the hood of my husband’s SUV in the parking lot at CVS.  My husband worked hard to coax him out—with cashew nuts (hence the name).  He drove home slowly with him under the hood and we spent the next 2 hours getting him to come out of the car and into our home and hearts.

  • What Cashew liked.

    Cashew was super curious and loved to play and EAT.  He loved water of all things - was facinated by it.  He was rambunctious and stubborn and loving - all at the same time.  He had lots of toys but especially loved a furry cat hand puppet that he loved to wrestle.  He loved sleeping with us, being petted and cuddled.  He had a morning routine with Tal and sit with me for hours while I worked from home—of course laying across my keyboard when he wanted attention.  He was great company!

  • Cashew's legacy.

    Cashew brought such a loving energy to our home and opened our hearts in new ways… even to each other.  He suffered kidney failure because he was exposed to the toxins produced by a bouquet of lilies, I’d been given by a friend.  We had no idea that lilies we dangerous for cats and are doing all that we can to make other cat owners aware.  Cahsew’s passing could have been avoided with this awareness and his passing will ultimately save other lives.  We are heartbroken and miss him terribly.

  • Testimonial

  • How Pet memorial helped us:

    Keystone Animal Hospital referred us to PMS after Cashew was euthanized.  We were so moved by the lovely and thoughtful way your company memorialized our little guy. We are hurting but it helps us with closure. We’ll never forget Cashew and having him here with us, along with his paw imprinted in plaster helps us to remember the joy he brought into our lives—even for the very short time he was here. The poem - The Rainbow Bridge is a perfect reminder that we’ll see him again one day.

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