• In Memoriam:
    Caramel “Mel” Hokulani (2004-2020)

  • Caramel “Mel” Hokulani's Story

  • How we met

    I found my baby in Honolulu, HI when I went with a friend to find her a dog.  It was me who found a dog.  I saw 2 little red poodles and the female was taken so I asked to see the male.  Once I held him, I didn’t let go.  For 3 hours I sat with him and finally purchased him and set up the arrangements for me to get him asap, a few days later.  He stole my heart from the beginning!  I surprised my daughter as my mother had surprised me with a poodle when I was a child.

  • What Caramel “Mel” Hokulani liked.

    Mel loved his long sausage dog and loved toys with squeakers as a puppy.  He loved dried chicken strips as an adult.  And as a senior, his favorite treat was a bland bone that the vet gave him when he refused all of the fancy expensive brands treats.  The vet said he knew of no other dog liking those except a retriever.  Every time we visited the vet, the techs would send him home with a huge bag.

  • Caramel “Mel” Hokulani's legacy.

    Mel will be remembered as a loving and fun little companion who loved his mom and sister kitties and human family members.  He was always ready to lick you and loved air licking.  He greeted everyone with love.  He loved his Hawaiian yard.

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  • How Pet memorial helped us:

    They were very understanding of my grief at this time.  His remains were returned quickly and beautifully.

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