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    Brendan (2006-2022)

  • Brendan's Story

  • How we met

    Brendan came into my life during a time when I was really seeking cuddly feline companionship and he was perfect. I decide to go to the adoption facility at my local pet store that was hosting the Humane Society and there I met the kitty I who became my friend and I decided was suited for the name Brendan, after the Irish saint, St. Brendan the Brave. Later when my partner joined us Brendan became known as “the best kitty in the _____” (depending on speaker’s op. and his most recent behavior).

  • What Brendan liked.

    Brendan liked his mice, especially his big mouse—loved it to shreds. Cat fishing wands. His scratching posts. His climbing tower. Most annoyingly (but admittedly cute) he liked to “paw” you. He never got past that. Sometimes he would nibble your hands, but he finally stopped that. Liked to sleep with us. Sleep in his donuts beds especially in the window, in the warmth of the sunshine.  Brendan was quite dog-like. We joked about him transitioning to canine. Great cuddler!

  • Brendan's legacy.

    Brendan will be remembered as “El Gato,” “El Gatito,” and “Tiny Cat,” our very special companion kitty who brought joy and happiness to our lives, two people both seeking to create a “forever” home for the three of us. After previously experiencing some ups and downs life challenges, he made our world and the world of all he touched a better and brighter place. He was an agent of divine presence and we will continue to appreciate the time he spent with us, and celebrate his ongoing presence.

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