• In Memoriam:
    Baby Sister (-2019)

  • Baby Sister's Story

  • How we met

    “Your favorite spot is empty now, where you would lie and sleep. But the memory of our happy times are mine to always keep.”

    Aurora C Street LilyBelle (Baby Sister) Hansell Gallagher left her physical body in the early morning hours of October 11th 2019 to pursue much greater things than what this earthly world held for her.

    Sister was born and raised in Upland, Pa, where she resided her whole life.

  • What Baby Sister liked.

    Although Sister was well known for her beautiful white paws and the immaculate care she took of them, her extra curricular activities didn’t end there. Some of her many hobbies included hide and seek, snuggling under blankets, looking down on everyone, relaxing under Tom and Allys porch and being the greatest, most loyal friend a girl could ever ask for.

  • Baby Sister's legacy.

    Sister is predeceased by her father Murphy Puff Spinella Hansell, one cousin Hector Hill Street Juan Pablo Jiminez Hansell Gallagher and an aunt Winter Dawn Marie. She is Survived by her loving human, Victoria Rose, big brother Brock, cousins Pearl, Naveen, September, Peter, Timmy, Jenny & Pittsburgh, a Great Aunt Molly, and her 9 lowly peasant servants, who will all miss her forever.

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  • How Pet memorial helped us:

    Thank you for allowing us to make this memorial. The cremation you did for us through our vet was quick and inexpensive. The wooden box our girl came back to us in was beautiful and her name engraved on the nameplate was very nice. Thank you all so much for making a hard time a little easier.

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